Cyborg-EMS (C-ExMS) Quotation

S.No. Services Coustmize Enterprize
1 C-ExMS®-Control Centre
2 Centre Management
3 Student Regis
4 Exam Bill and Fee Management
5 Pre Exam
6 Smart Examination Scheme Scheduler
7 Sitting arrangement and employee duty management
8 Change Management
9 Acquisition
10 Central and Distributed Evaluation management
11 Attendance Tracker
12 Exam & Certificate Authentication System
13 Post Examination
14 Degree Management
15 Desk Management
16 SMS, Short code & Mail Alerts
17 OMR Integration
18 Remuneration Calculator

What our clients say...

"Admission Cycle (E-form-> Reporting->Fees Submission->Admission) of Cyborg-ERP is unique and very fast it reduces admission time from 3 hours to 15 minutes and reduces manual form, manual work and headache also."

"Impressive in functionality, easy in use and flexible to the needs of the businesses they service, we think Cyborg-ERP is a great fit for educational Institutions. It allows campuses to manage critical functions more efficiently through powerful process automation and management capabilities."

"Cyborg-ERP provides broad and deep functionality to serve repetitive, make-to-admission, make-to-academic process, and process modes of examination. Performance analysis tools, customizable dashboards & Reports, automatic alerts, and automated workflows allow users to quickly make the most effective decisions; Cyborg-ERP provides transparency across the operations of an entire business through real-time data."

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