Why Cyborg Solutions?

Effective Educational Institutes

Cyborg products are highly effective, easy-to-use campus management solution and offers plenty of time-saving features such as calculating attendance, tallying exam scores, managing new admissions, designing complex time-tables, generating analytical reports, calculating fee, sending messages & notices on-time, managing library & student information, tabulating grades, performance, scheduling classes, managing transport, printing examinations reports, allocating hostels , syllabus tracking, survey ,e-exam, continues student assessment etc.

Scale as your Business Grows

Scale as Your Business Grows, and Pay Only for What You Use Enjoy absolute freedom of use.

Research shows that 70% of companies use only 26% of their ERP functionalities. Considering this, Cyborg ERP offers you the flexibility to choose just the "right" functionality from its suite of enterprise applications, depending on your current business requirements and pay only for what you use.

Business Insights in real time

Built-in Intelligence and Analytics Capabilities to Power Your Business Decisions

Get access to valuable business insights in real-time, and take decisions that set trends that the competition follows.

Cyborg ERP comes packed with in-built analytics capability to empower organizations to 'Measure, Monitor and Manage' their business growth based on one or many yardsticks such as—function-wise, resource-wise, department-wise, season-wise, month-on-month or year-on-year growth vis-a-vis short- and long-term business goals.

What's more, Cyborg ERP allows senior decision makers in organizations to conduct a comprehensive analysis of data and processes on a real-time basis. This enables them to make informed and well-considered decisions, on-the-fly The solution has in-built capabilities to slice and dice the business data and generate MIS reports at the click of a few buttons. In addition, the solution provides a dashboard view of the business in the form of quick-to-grasp pictorial representations, such as pie diagrams and graphs.

Proven Track Record

Trusted by a Large and Loyal Customer Base Cyborg Systems has a proven track record for over 9+ years in delivering the most simple and powerful business solutions to its customers.

Today, we have over 500+ customers, 200000+ users, who have invested their trust in Cyborg and share a long-term association with us. We enjoy a strong emotional connect with our customers and try to address each and every requirements of theirs through our solutions, services and support.

Unified View of Operations

End-to-End Business Automation for a Unified View of Operations Have a 360-degree view of your business, anytime, from anywhere. Cyborg solutions puts all your business functions on to one single platform and automates and integrates them, end-to-end. With this unified view of business, you can drive innovation across the value chain, improve efficiency, and reduce costs and time.

Cyborg solutions are the most powerful and comprehensive suites that delivers powerful functionalities, which are in-depth, flexible and scalable in nature. The end-to-end ERP includes comprehensive features to manage all facets of your business with solutions for financial management, management accounting, human capital management, Student cycle management, Library management, Timetable Management, Examination management, Payroll management, maintenance management, service management, Student relationship management, Parents Relationship management, and Curriculum management.

Empowering each stake holder

Cyborg solution empowers the Management, Teachers, Students, non-teaching staff , administration and Parents to easily communicate, share information, and manage their tasks effectively.

Unbelievably low TCO

State-of-the-Art Enterprise Resource Planning at Unbelievably Low TCO. IT's affordable, yet, the best educational ERP amongst the lot!

Cyborg ERP is the first and the most comprehensive suite of educational business solution. Built on Cyborg System's 3e(Easy, effective and empowering) framework, the solution percolates the benefits of an enterprise level solution to even organizations of small and mid-size through the Software as a Service (SaaS) model..

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Anytime, Anywhere Access...Now, you are never away from your business! Since Cyborg ERP is accessible over the Internet, it gives you the freedom to access information from any part of the globe at the click of a browser button. Apart from this, the solution gives you the freedom to access your business processes on your handheld mobile devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile phones and tablet PCs.

This gives business managers the flexibility to stay in touch with their business operations, even when they are out of office. They can monitor, manage and execute tasks even when they are on the move.

Reliable Support

Reliable and 24/7 Support Available Worldwide...We are there, wherever our customers need us to be. we work tirelessly to provide the most innovative business solutions to our customers to help them simplify and streamline their work challenges. This is not all. We provide exhaustive assistance, training and support to them so that they are able to fully leverage the power of our revolutionary solutions.

Whenever and wherever our customers need us, we are committed to reach out to them, at the earliest. We provide 24 x 7 customer support through multiple channels. Regular updates to customers are done on an ongoing basis through on-site and off-shore training and webinars.

Faster Implementation

Now, Get On Board Quickly! Who says it takes eternity to implement an ERP solution? Gone are the days when businesses had no option but to endure unreasonably long ERP implementation time, ranging between 8 and 18 months, or more. Most often, 60% of these implementations would overshoot project time by over 50%.

Cyborg follows a milestone-based deployment, which mandatorily involves various stages such as registration, environment setup, role verification, user training, master data collection, opening balance upload, and go live. This methodical implementation reduces deployment time drastically.

Trusted and Tested Solutions

We have invested huge money; number of trials, 100000’s of time business reengineering & never ending efforts of years on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Library Management, and Examination Management for educational Institutions and covered almost everything in this Domain only for empowering each stakeholder of Campus.


Interoperability and Connectivity with Applications, Devices, Platforms Automate, expand, collaborate and leverage your "Extended Enterprise" This functionality of the solution empowers you with the freedom to collaborate and expand the scope of your business by integrating your business processes, easily, with external software applications, other business entities and technology platforms with unimaginable ease.

Utmost Security

Utmost Security Assured for Your Most Critical Asset—Business Data Your business data is guarded, backed up and secured to ensure business continuity through the latest and world-class security mechanisms.

At Cyborg, we practice agile methodologies, and have deployed state-of-the-art certification to ensure the security of customer data is never compromised.

Tangible ROI

Tangible ROI: Exponential Revenue & Profit Growth, and Diminishing Costs... We are committed to deliver rich returns on each penny that you invest in our solutions. Our solutions are known for delivering conspicuous and quantifiable ROI, sooner than you can imagine. No wonder, we are trusted by over 2,00,000 users for our future-proof solutions that have helped them achieve significant returns on their investment.

Following is a snapshot of the latest customer survey:

    Reduction in operational cost by at least 30%

    30%+ Revenue Growth

    30%+ Profit Growth

Power of Simplicity

Power of Simplicity that Impresses Intuitiveness that Renders Ease of Use Whether it is an object or technology, the simpler it is, the more it appeals to the human senses, and the better are its chances of being liked and adopted by users. We, at Cyborg IT Services, also believe in power of simplicity and strive to build technological advanced solutions that are most simple to use.

Top Ten Benefits

While every institution’s top ten lists will vary, we have identified a typical list of benefits from institutions where we implement our ERP.

Table below outlines this list in rank order from the most frequently heard to the least frequently heard benefits. We have also indicated the percentage of institutions reporting each concern in their top ten.

S.No. Rank Benefit % of Institutions Reporting this as a Top 10 Benefit
1 Enhanced Technology 91%
2 Efficiency 91%
3 Integrated Information 66%
4 Reporting 66%
5 User friendly 66%
6 Access to Data 50%
7 Customer Service 50%
8 Functionality 1%
9 Communication 25%
10 Security 25%

Common Benefits

Although each institution is unique, we have found commonalities in the benefits for example; in last 9 years we typically see the greatest concentration of responses in the first three categories: enhanced technology for the institution to help compete technologically; increased efficiency and effectiveness of processes; and integrating and streamlining information.

Enhanced Technology for the Institution

    •   Current legacy system is archaic

    •   Current system can’t meet technology needs

    •   Will put us technically on a par with other schools

    •   We will have the speed we need to keep up with operations

    •   We have been growing on a large scale with our programs, students, employees, but not the technology

Efficiency in Process

    •   Cyborg-ERP will eliminate labour-intensive manual processes and current duplication of efforts

    •   Current system can’t meet technology needs

    •   Will put us technically on a par with other schools

    •   We will have the speed we need to keep up with operations

    •   We have been growing on a large scale

Integrated, Consistence Information

    •   A major benefit of a Cyborg-ERP will be replacing multiple, disconnected Databases with a single, integrated system.

    •   Integrating different systems and data sources.

    •   Every department will be integrated with each other so that information will not have to be entered into several systems.

    •   Easier integration and interfacing to internal and external entities

Agile Reporting

    •   An advantage of a Cyborg-ERP dynamic reporting tool is more customizable reporting and analytical so you can view chart view also with statics.

    •   A great desire for improved reporting capabilities to be better equipped to Respond to complex requests for data.

    •   Need to be able to generate reports without asking IT

    •   We hope that users will be able to run their own reports and that they will be able

    •   To have better access to their data and the ability to manipulate and report on the data

User friendliness of the system

    •   Cyborg-ERP will provide easier access to information and overall improvements in its use by students, faculty and staff

    •   Easier to use for functional staff

    •   Current system is a dinosaur to use

    •   There is an expectation that the system will be easier to access

Access to Data

    •   Increased self-service for data needs

    •   Eliminate bureaucracy by providing branch campuses direct access

    •   Real time data.

    •   Better access to information and decision making

Ability to provide better Customer Service

    •   Provide better and more timely services to students

    •   Offer greater range of student services with more flexibility (e.g. Web-based services)

    •   Improved services for staff, faculty and students

    •   Speedier and more applicant friendly service

Increased Functionality

    •   Current system is not robust enough

    •   Eliminate problems with out-grown data tables

    •   Less workarounds

    •   Better functionality for users

Better Communication Across the Institution

    •   Improved communication between institutions and regional campuses

    •   Promotes more collaboration

    •   Enhanced communication to students, employees, external bodies, better communication accross campus

    •   Better system for communicating with students

Increased Security of data

    •   Cyborg-ERP will improve data integrity and security

    •   Data restrictions can be enhanced

What our clients say...

"Admission Cycle (E-form-> Reporting->Fees Submission->Admission) of Cyborg-ERP is unique and very fast it reduces admission time from 3 hours to 15 minutes and reduces manual form, manual work and headache also."

"Impressive in functionality, easy in use and flexible to the needs of the businesses they service, we think Cyborg-ERP is a great fit for educational Institutions. It allows campuses to manage critical functions more efficiently through powerful process automation and management capabilities."

"Cyborg-ERP provides broad and deep functionality to serve repetitive, make-to-admission, make-to-academic process, and process modes of examination. Performance analysis tools, customizable dashboards & Reports, automatic alerts, and automated workflows allow users to quickly make the most effective decisions; Cyborg-ERP provides transparency across the operations of an entire business through real-time data."

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